Puembo is a suburban town few miles outside of Quito and 20 away from the airport. 

Puembo has privileged micro climate with warm average temperatures that makes the area pretty attractive for living in contact with the community and nature. For centuries it was home of many haciendas (local name for farms) of the Quitenian elite. Today is the place of family homes, vacation villas, sport clubs and agricultural crops. 

The name of the town comes from the indigenous hero and chief Cacique de Cayambe Nasacota Puento, an important figure in the pre colonial era. The old chapel (built circa 1615) is a sober but attractive building in the main plaza. 






Her garden is spectacular.

“As luck would happen, we were met at the gate by Mercedes Rivadeneira, the owner. She welcomed us into her gardens and made us feel like special guests.”

— J. Werby.

Mercedes was unbelievably accommodating.!

One of our group members required emergency medical attention and was personally taken to hospital and looked after the whole day.

— Dale M.

What a lovely friendly bird friendly place.

“It is run by the warm hearted Mercedes who along with her husband has rescued numerous street dogs and given them a home.”

— 15 Travels



Spend quality away time with us.

Puembo Birding Garden is part of our life. You're coming home!